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Bernadette R  4/2024


My friend and I had a private session with medium Michelle, it was EXTRAORDINARY. The presence of the spirits was palpable and the words my dad came through with were so apropos and reassuring for my life right now. Learning that Ellie and I are "generational sisters" explains our close friendship, from the minute we met. My great grandparents also showed up, with sage advice. All in all, a truly blessed experience

Ellie D  4/2024

I had the most astonishing afternoon with Medium Michelle Russo Kundzizc she got in touch with my parents and others which was quite extraordinary and eye opening. Thank you Michelle!

Reiki and so much more

Michelle is amazing! I’ve been seeing her for years. I’ve been to workshops she’s given, spirit medium groups and reiki and each time it’s been a great experience. But what I go back to her for on a regular basis is reiki. Whether I go for something specific or just overall well being I always walk away feeling like a new person. Happier, lighter (physically and emotionally). And she’s not just going through the motions; she really allows spirit to work through her to create a truly amazing and unique experience each time.

Kerry H 2023

More than we could have anticipated

Michelle, we would like to thank you for creating such a special and personal experience for our wedding celebration last weekend. Your support and guidance throughout our wedding planning was more than we could have anticipated! From meeting us in person, to researching special New Zealand traditions, to the tremendous amount of communications you shared with us in order to get OUR story and vows just right!

Alan and I still cannot believe how much time and effort you invested in getting to know us; and creating our beautiful story to share with our family and friends. You are not only a professional, it is obvious you love what you do. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Anyone who hires you as their minister will be amazed at how much energy and love you give to them.

Karen and Alan M


When's the next class

Today I read a friends cards. In meditation before the reading I set the intention to have fun & clarity. Oh my God!,  with what you taught me the other night about how to really look at the card, let it talk to you! All I can say is WHEN"S YOUR NEXT CLASS Count me in! 

Thanks so much for your guidance.

Kathy M 

Guidance through Cards    2022 

Skeptic to Believer




To be honest, I was skeptical about psychics/mediums at first. Michelle changed my mind just within the first 5 minutes into my spirit meeting. My fiance and I saw her on April 29th. She is INCREDIBLE! I felt like my loved ones were sitting right next to me and she shared information that no one else would know including her. She was very kind, patient, professional, welcoming and passionate. You can tell that she does this because she actually cares and is legit. It was emotional and beautiful and all the vibes were just perfect. My whole entire experience was absolutely amazing and I will definitely be going back in the future! I totally recommend her over anyone else 100%!

Gift from a friend

 Adrienne T


Testimonial: Michelle was absolutely amazing. I was very comfortable in her space. It smelled great and just the vibe was magical. I got her reading as a gift and it was nothing short of unreal. It was everything I needed to hear. I know people are skeptics but she just knew information that nobody would ever know. The peace her reading gave my heart is priceless. Highly recommend!!

Father's Day Gift

My Mom and I want to thank you for giving  him such a great reading. This has been his Father's day Gift for the last few years and you are the only person who was able to give him any kind of validation. Thank You!

Britney- 2019

Family Healing

Thank you for today, I passed along the messages to my parents and sister. It was definitely something that needed to be heard for hopefully some more healing within our family.

Alexandra- 2019

You lift my Spirits

Michelle is a very gifted reader and medium. She provides a safe and comfortable atmosphere for the readings and she is always spot on! Besides being great at what she does, she is also a caring, wonderful and fun person to be around. -Michelle, you lift my spirits, help me along my path and guide me back to my heart and soul when I sometimes lose my way. Thank you for being you! With love and blessings, Dawn G


Michelle came to my house and we have believers and people who were skeptical.. by the end everyone believe in her gift. We all got to hear from a loved one and it brought us a sense of peace within our self and our family. She’s absolutely amazing. Can’t wait to see her again! 

Allyssa C, 2019

Mashpee, MA


 March 23, 2019 I had the pleasure of attending the Revive your Vibe event held by Michelle at the Mountain View Grand in Whitefield NH. The event taught me the tools I needed to heal and balance my energy field as well as the use of mindfulness, energy exercises, crystals and essential oils to help me maintain physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Michelle is a great teacher, a gentle soul and very knowledgeable in her field. Her gift is a blessing to so many of us and I truly believe she is making a BIG difference in the lives of so many. Namaste, 

Diane N .2019

Whitefield, NH

Pumice for my Soul


I'm listening to the recording today and I'm emotional all over again. I'm so glad we visited you. You've changed my life. I feel like my soul went through some sort of pumice scrub. It's so nice to have this recording of her through you. I'll cherish that forever.

Kate 2019

A year later

I still thank you to this day Michelle for the reading you provided me with, which was well over a year ago. I still hold on to it, even after all this time. You provided me with the words, strength, and confidence in which I dearly needed. I also thank you for telling me your story that day, on how you became to trust your spiritual gift and yourself. You made me feel very comfortable, as if I was talking to a long lost friend. Michelle, you told me to trust in myself; and in such a short time, you provided me with the strength to do so, and for that I'm very grateful. Thank you, Michelle for everything you instilled in me that day. Always keep on providing light, friendship, and spiritual guidance, because Michelle you have an amazing gift, and I thank you for sharing it with me.

Anna Martin 2016

Straight to the point

The first time I had a reading with Michelle she zeroed in on where I was in my life. She gave me some very useful, “straight to the point” suggestions to help me really take a good look at myself. The reading was only about 10 minutes but it was just what I needed at that time! Since then I’ve had her to my house on two different occasions. During the most recent visit she did readings for me and my two kids (as well as some friends) – again, she was tuned in. This time connecting with both of my parents who are now in the spirit world. She gave us all some encouraging words and inspiration from my parents. I know we all were amazed and feeling pretty great when the readings were done. She is very easy going, warm and fun. She truly has a wonderful gift. Thanks, Michelle…

Lynn B  2017


Michelle is a talented woman who shares her gift with so many. She read for me after my father passed & helped me see him through a different light, weeks before my wedding. I've taken her Energy class, an Angel of the month class & most recently her Angelic Guidance through Cards class. She is truly talented and gifted

Suzie R-June 2015

I visited Michelle for an IET session, it was awesome! Michelle was so focused on me and tuned into what was going on with me very quickly. I left my session feeling so much calmer and slept so well that night too. Thank you so much Michelle - can't wait to come back again!

Claire C- May 2012

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