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 Spirit Mediumship & Intuitive Card Readings

As an intuitive reader & Medium I connect with Angels, Guides, and loved ones in Spirit . 

Often we find ourselves feeling lost and in need of guidance.

In these readings, my clients receive guidance, support and often healing. 

I am available for Readings by appointment,  in person or virtual. Readings : $50/30 min and  $100/60 min  per session.  

House Parties:  

Private or Gallery Style readings with a minimum of 8 guests.  


"Gallery style" readings are group sessions approximately 90 minutes in length and $55 per person.  Messages are shared with the group as a whole.  

** a  travel fee  may be additional dependent on location of venue.


Space Clearing

(Home or Office)

$125.00 & up

Reiki & Energy Healing

The art of Reiki has been used in many cultures for thousands of years. It is safe for everyone and has been known to bring about relaxation, pain relief, and assist in changing or releasing old patterns that are unhealthy such as addictions, or limiting beliefs. This allows healing on many levels. Hospitals are now offering this to cancer patients, mothers in labor as well post operative patients as the technique can assist the body in healing itself and support a healthier immune system which is so important for overall health.

Reiki is a noninvasive technique that allows energy to flow throughout the chakra system. The therapist uses hand placement to attune and align energies on each of the chakra points, with special attention paid to problem areas. Reiki is currently being used in many hospitals around the country.(Clients are fully clothed during sessions, dress appropriately)

I am available by Appointment:

63 Winter Street, Weymouth

Reiki: $100 per 60 min session

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