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Angels whisper softly... listen with your heart


Pendulum Interactive Workshop

Sunday May 21st


Readings By Michelle

63 Winter Street, Weymouth

Pendulum is a form of dowsing and divination, and has been used throughout history to guide individuals in making life decisions as well as locating water, gold, oil, and missing objects.

It is believed that a pendulum works like an antenna, picking up information from energy emanating from people, places, and objects.

It is held motionless between thumb and forefinger. A question,which can be answered with a 'yes or no' is asked and the pendulum swings in left or right , clockwise or counter clockwise providing the trained dowser with an answer.

Learning how to use this ancient tool you will be able to receive guidance to identify imbalances in energy, what foods or decisions are for your highest and best, clear spaces as well as your chakra's. Join me for this fun interactive class.


$40pp incl pendulum & handout

payment via venmo secures your spot


8 students maximum

An Evening of Spirit

June 15th

6:30 - 8:30pm

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