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Dear Future Client, 


I began my Spiritual Journey over 25 years ago. I have been drawn to the Divine for guidance since I was in my teens. 

When I was in my thirties I took my first Tarot Intensive class as a favor to a friend who wanted company. Imagine my surprise when with no prior exposure other than having been read by others the information just flowed through me!  It felt as if I'd just unwrapped the most amazing and magical of gifts. Over the next several years I was blessed to sit in circle and classes that assisted me in embracing  my mediumship & healing gifts. 

It gives me great joy to bring messages of hope, healing and love from Spirit to my clients during a reading.

I am often asked "How does it work?"

For me I am blessed with the gift of sight, sound, smell and often the ability to feel emotions and personalities of those who are in Spirit as well as the messages from the Guides and Angels of my clients. The information comes in as a kind of knowing and as symbols , sort of like pictionary in my head. I then share this with my client which helps to validate the guidance and information I am sharing with them.

I have come to understand that we are ALWAYS given the information our Soul needs for our greatest and highest good. This many times does not make sense with what our physical mind believes at that moment. But, I assure you that there is always a reason for the information.

Angel Cards, Enlightened Tarot & Mediumship are all I believe, gifts of LOVE from a higher power. It is a very light & loving vibration.

As a Reiki  Master teacher I am honored to be the conduit for reiki energy to flow through and by working with additional energy tools such as crystals, Integrated energy therapy, Selenite wands, sound and essential oils  help me to create a unique combination of  supportive energies that I infuse into all my reiki sessions. These combined techniques together create a powerful vibration allowing me to work with my clients to assist them in their healing process. 

As a teacher it is my intention to empower students with the knowledge that allows them to work with their own energy, their guides and Spirit to help them navigate life's challenges. Incorporating crystals, energy work such as reiki, guidance through cards, intuition or any modality can truly guide us towards more happiness, better health, joy and abundance. Everyone can connect to the Spiritual realm they just need to be shown how, and learn to trust it. That is why I teach, to give students the support and

tools to connect on their own. 

I'm excited and honored to share my gifts . I am also an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church and as such have the joy of being an officiant for weddings as well as the honor of being a Certified Funeral Service Celebrant .

I feel incredibly Blessed to be given the opportunity to work with the Divine & the Universal Energies to assist all who cross my path.

Wishing you a gentle journey, 


 To schedule an appointment or attend a class and let your healing begin

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   Angels whisper softly.... listen with your heart

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