Michelle Kundzicz 

Readings by Michelle

Aura Photo's with the Loonwitch-Sha Blackburn
Aura Photo's includes in-depth interpretation of image
Your Aura is your spirit, your energy,your essence. Using AVS Digital Imagining Photography, the LoonWitch can capture this essence on an instant photograph and give you an in-depth interpretation of the colors and energy patterns you are emitting. Is there a spirit guide or loved one around you ? Are you coming into money? What energy are you putting out into the universe ? Have your aura photographed and find out!
Date: October 22,2017
 Time : 12-4pm
 Cost: $35 pp
 Each sitting is approx. 15 min
 You can schedule your appt by emailing   
                                                                                  Walk-in's are also welcome