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Cocktails & Cards-at Local 02045 ,Hull -June 7th 6-9pm

Connecting with your Angelic Team- June 17 12-3pm

 Angel & Energy -6th Chakra- Archangel Raziel- June 25th 6:30-8pm -

Guidance through Pendulum- June 29th-6:30-8:30

*Reiki 1 Certification-TBD

*Reiki 2 Certification-TBD

June Chakra & Angel workshop

Third Eye Chakra & Archangel Raziel

The 6th chakra or Third Eye Chakra is

located on your forehead between your eyes, this energy center is connected to your ability to trust yourself, your intuition, and your ability to integrate your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical bodies to each other and to this world. 

When out of balance or blocked you may experience headaches, Sinus issues, fogginess, and lack of direction are all possible symptoms. Understanding how to clear and balance this chakra can bring in clarity, creativity, confidence and open the path to intuition and guidance from Spirit.

During this workshop we learn about the 6th Chakra and  the Archangel Raziel who will assist us with the process. There will be a short guided visualization to create your connection to the Archangel as well.

Skill Level:beginner

Date: June 25th

Time: 6:30-8pm

Investment: $35 includes class materials & channeled Spray 

Registration required: [email protected] or text 781-630-2808
Space is Limited- registration required


Connect with your Angelic Team

June 17th, 2018

We all have an entire host of Angelic beings just waiting to assist, guide, and support us on our life journey.
During this workshop you will learn the process of connecting to the Angelic realm.

We will learn about:
-Angels, Archangels, Guides and Ascended Masters
-How to recognize the signs
-How cards and crystals enhance the connection
-The power of Affirmations

We will work with cards as a tool that can help to create a strong connection as well as validate the guidance we are receiving.
Join me and start your conversation with the Divine.

This is an interactive class, no experience needed only an open mind and heart.
Registration required space is limited. There will be cards to work with if you need them.

Register: Emil- [email protected] or text 781-630-2808
Cost: $44 inc Class material & Connective Crystal
Location: 63 Winter Street, Weymouth, MA


Working with the Pendulum for Guidance & Support

Pendulum dowsing and divining have been used throughout history to guide individuals in making life decisions as well as locating water, gold, oil and missing objects. It is believed that a pendulum works like an antenna, picking up information from the energy emanating from people, places and objects. It is held motionless between thumb and forefinger. A question, which can be answered "yes" or "no," is asked and the pendulum sways left or right, clockwise or counter-clockwise providing the trained dowser with an answer. Learning how to use this ancient tool you will be able to identify imbalances in energy, what foods or decisions are for your highest and best, clear a space as well as your chakra's.
Join me for this fun and enlightening class.

Skill Level: Beginner
Date: June 29th 
Time: 6;30-8:30pm
Investment: $40 includes Pendulum & Class materials
Registration required: [email protected] or text 781-630-2808
Space is Limited- registration required
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