Michelle Kundzicz 

Readings by Michelle

I began my Spiritual Journey over 25 years ago. I have been drawn to the Divine for guidance since I was in my teens. Each time I had my cards read I was told the same thing "you are an Intuitive and have a great gift" Much like most Light Workers I questioned & doubted it, but, my Soul patiently nudged me along. When I was in my thirties I took my first Tarot Intensive class as a favor to a friend who wanted company, imagine my surprise when with no prior exposure other than having been read by others the information just flowed through me! I spent the next several years reading for family & friends not yet ready to share my gift with the world completely. Several years ago while at a Holistic fair, I walked up to a table and said Hello, the women's response was 'You do know that you are an Intuitive and a Healer right ?" I gave her a smile and said I'd been told that. Later at the event, once again during a reading the message was clear, the reader said" So what are you waiting for ? Its time to own your gifts & your Life Purpose" Over the next several years I worked to open up to my medium ship & healing gifts. It gives me great joy to bring messages of hope, healing and love from Spirit to my clients during a reading.


I am often asked "How does it work?"

For me I am blessed with the gift of sight, sound, smell and often the ability to feel emotions of those who passed  along with the information from their Guides. The information comes in as a kind of knowing and as symbols , sort of like Pictionary in my head. I then share this with my client which always helps to validate the guidance and information I am sharing with them.

Angel Cards, Enlightened Tarot & Mediumship  are all I believe, gifts of LOVE from a higher power. It is a very light & loving vibration.

I have come to understand that we are ALWAYS given the information our Soul needs for our greatest and highest good. This many times does not make sense with what our physical mind believes at that moment. But, I assure you that there is always a reason for the information.

 I have received certifications in multiple Energy Healing Modalities including: Usui Reiki  Master-Teacher, Magnified Healing, IET(Integrated Energy Therapy) & Selenite Wand Therapy. These techniques together with crystal work create a Divine connection allowing me to work with my clients to assist them in their healing process. I'm excited  and honored to share my gifts that continue to strengthen and unfold daily through Divine connection & Grace. I am also an ordained Minister of the Universal Life Church and as such have the joy of being an officiate at weddings.
I feel incredibly Blessed to  be given the opportunity to work with the Divine & the Universal Energies to assist all who cross my path.

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                               Angels whisper softly.... listen with your heart